Welcome to Naature Clothing

About Naature Clothing

Naature Clothing was founded in June of 2005 by George Smith and Jason Krieger. All shirts are silkscreened by hand and are designed by either George or Jason, each release also includes a shirt designed by a special guest artist.

We proudly use American Apparel brand t-shirts.

Debut was launched in June of 2005 at the deviantART Summit. In this release was Militia (George Smith), Splat! (Jason Krieger), Eight (George Smith) and Phirebrush (Jason Krieger). All of these designs are completely sold out.

FTW! (For The Win) was released in August of 2006. Designs included Regaal (George Smith), 613 (Jason Krieger), Skul (Jason Krieger + George Smith) and An Autumn Reach (Karborn + Dom). All of these designs are completely sold out.

CNSNNTS was released in June of 2008. Designs included DFRG (George Smith), LGND (Jason Krieger), CNCRD (Jeff Dodson) and SLNT (George Smith). There is a limited supply of all designs still remaining and currently being sold at clearance prices.

Naature is currently gearing up to unleash their fourth set of designs. A guest artist and theme has been established. Expected release is sometime within the first quarter of 2011.